Kernewek / Cornish

(Orthography key: SWF/FSS- Standard Written Form/Furv Skrifys Savonek, KK - Kernewek Kemmyn, UC/KU - Unified Cornish/Kernewek Unyes, UCR/KUA - Unified Cornish Revised/Kernowek Unys Amendys, RLC/KD - Revived Late Cornish/Kernuack Dewethas)

Information - Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek. A guide to Cornish, with a Cornish language magazine, information on conservation of the language, and more. - Cornish revival and orthographies.

Vocabulary and dictionaries - A Cornish-English, English-Cornish dictionary.

Gerlyver Kernewek FSS, Cornish Dictionary SWF (Cornwall Council, 2019)

Gerlyver Kernewek-Bretonek | Geriadur Kerneveureg-Brezhoneg (SWF) - Vocabulary and phrase flashcards.

Courses and grammar - Cornish resources, courses, dictionaries, media, etc. - The website of An Taves Kernewek (The Cornish Language Board). It is mainly an exam-based website, with lessons, vocabulary, publications, research, and more. The lessons are available in SWF and KK. All PDFs of their SWF course can be found here also. - A website with grammar notes for beginners, rhymes, poetry, and texts. - A website with resources for Cornish vocabulary, stories, phrase books, games, translation, and more, complete with audio of pronunciation. - Cornish lessons. - An audio-based course (SWF). - An audio course for beginners. - Cornish grammar notes. - Cyflwyno Cernyweg i bawb (SWF).

Bora Brav (Prys, 2011) - SWF and KK

Kernewek Dre Lyther (SWF)

Cornish This Way, Holyewgh An Lergh Lyver Dew (Sandercock, 2014) (SWF)

Skeul An Yeth - Lyver Onan (Brown, 1996) (KK)

A Grammar of Modern Cornish (Brown, 1984) (KK)

Tavas A Ragadazow (Gendall, 2000) (RLC)

Cornish Simplified (Smith, 1972) (UC)

Clappya Kernowek (Williams) (UCR)

Late Cornish (Wmffre, 1998)

A Handbook of the Cornish Language: chiefly in its latest stages with some account of its history and literature (Jenner, 1904)

Cornish Grammar (Norris, 1859)

Prepositions and their inflection

Pyth yw an dyffranseth yntra ow/orth, yn unn, hag yn-dann?

Proposals and degrees of gender-neutral vocabulary in the Cornish language (Andrever, 2021)


Other - Promoting the use and study of the Cornish language. Has Cornish books and information on classes. - Place names in Cornwall in English and Cornish. - Examples of Cornish.

Long o-type vowels in Cornish (George, 1996)

Which base for Revived Cornish? (George)

Revival of the Cornish language (Zadražilová, 2010)

The Ancient Language And The Dialect Of Cornwall (Jago, 1882)