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Colloquial Irish (Ihde, Ní Neachtain, Blyn-LaDrew, and Gillen, 2008)

Teach Yourself Irish (Ó Sé, 1993)

Teach Yourself Irish (Dillon and Ó Cróinín, 1961)

Gaeilge Gan Stró (Ó Dónaill)

Basic Irish (Stenson, 2008)

Intermediate Irish (Stenson, 2008)

Learning Irish (Ó Siadhail)

Speaking Irish (Ní Mhaonaigh and Lochlainn, 2008)

Collins Irish Grammar (Comer, 2011)

Collins Irish Verbs (Hughes, 2011)

A Complete Course for Beginners (McGrath, 2009)

Irish (Doyle, 2001)

Irish (Ó Baoill)

An Introduction to the Irish Language (Weilson, 1845)

Irish Grammar (Joyce, 1896)

Irish Grammar (O'Donovan, 1845)

Irish Grammar (Connellan, 1844)

Irish Grammar (Mason, 1830)


Media - Irish language news, media, and learning resources.